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Have you ever wondered how many details could be packed into a cabin under 1,500 square feet? Designed to bring the true spirit of cabin style back to its roots, Log Cabin Classics is inspired by nostalgic, old-world cabins and filled with tips for meeting today’s current needs.

Since place—not space—is what true harmony with nature and cabin living is about, award wining designer, Robbin Obomsawin has spent years developing traditional cabins that are pure magic. Log Cabin Classics includes practical construction advice, straight forward and creative designs, advice on using local materials and choosing a site, architectural details, and handcrafted artistry. These principles are then applied to a collection of one-of-a-kind plans you can use as springboards to creating your own “log cabin classic”.

Log Cabin Classics is perfect for first-time homeowners, empty nesters, and conservative family that values the wealth of nature, or the vacation homeowner in need of simplicity to enjoy their vacation and not come to maintain another home.

Move away from the high-tech surge of grand cabin design of the last decade and come home to the natural inspiration and warmth of Log Cabin Classics.

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